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Council of Europe: initiative for schools, “education for responsible citizenship”. Conference in Minsk on abolition of death penalty

(Strasbourg) “Building democratic and inclusive school culture” – this is the programme of the Council of Europe (COE), which will be launched in Strasbourg today, with the twofold aim of educating for responsible citizenship and “building democratic and inclusive school culture by embedding the learning environment in the local community”. Two pilot projects embody the programme’s objectives: “Digital Resistance” which aims at “promoting development of pupils’ competences in the field of online content evaluation” with a view to addressing “discrimination, indoctrination and fake news on the internet and on social media”. And the “coLAB” project, aimed at better integrating migrants and refugees in the academic environment. The COE weekly agenda also features a Conference in Minsk, Belarus, on the “Legal aspects of the abolition of death penalty” (18 April). The event will take a global approach to the issues on the agenda, including the global trend towards the abolition of the death penalty, alternative practices of criminal punishment in Europe, and the role of the media in the debate. Finally, under the aegis of the European Commission for Democracy through Law – better known as the Venice Commission – a Conference of Electoral Management Bodies will be held on “Security in Elections” (Oslo, 19-20 April) to discuss “social media in electoral campaigns” and the misuse of information technologies.


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