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Alfie Evans: Mgr. Paglia (PAL), “may dialogue between his parents and hospital authorities be reopened”

“Alfie cannot be abandoned. Alfie must be loved, and so must his parents, through to the end”. Mgr. Vincenzo Paglia, president of the Pontifical Academy for Life, said this in a statement about the case of little Alfie Evans, from Liverpool, the boy who is at the centre of a legal dispute between his parents and the hospital where he is being treated, a dispute which in these days “has unfolded in all its terrible tragic effects”. “I pray for him and for the people involved, and I invite everyone to join in this intention before the Lord of life”. The Archbishop expressed hope that “dialogue and cooperation can be reopened between the parents, who understandably are devastated by suffering, and the hospital authorities where Alfie has been treated until now, so that together they might seek Alfie’s complete good, and so that care for his life might not be reduced to a legal dispute”.


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