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UK: Alfie Evans‘s mum on Facebook, “sad that someone can tell you where and when you child is going to die”


“How sad that someone can tell you where and when your child is going to die”, Kate James, little Alfie Evans’s mother, wrote on her Facebook profile this morning. Yesterday, the Supreme Court established “a date and a time when vital support will be removed from Alfie Evans”, as reported by Liverpool’s paediatric hospital where the child, suffering from a severe degenerative condition, is, asking “to respect the family’s privacy” and adding it would make no more comments. In this morning’s post, Alfie Evans’s mother complained: “No proper treatment plan and no respect for us as a family! No privacy, nothing!”. And then: “I know the date and time my child is going to die, and we haven’t even had time to cope with that, as a family”. Kate James says that they are now counting time and “every hour feels like a minute”, and she thanks everyone “for your support throughout all this and for your kind messages”. Little Alfie Evans’s case adds up to that of another two British children, Isaiah Haastrup and Charlie Gard, whose life-support treatments were removed at the doctors decision with the agreement of the British courts and the European Court of Strasbourg, but against their parents’ will.


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