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Sweden: Stockholm, two days of networking organised by the Council of Churches about migration and social inclusion

Two “days of networking between Churches about migration and social inclusion problems”, an ecumenical initiative of the Council of Churches in Sweden to “get to know each other, inspire each other and share experiences about one of the country’s most relevant issues”, as explained by the organisers, started in Stockholm this morning. Guest speakers include “research workers and public officers”, called to provide “an overview and in-depth understanding of migration and social inclusion problems”, who in turn will be able to “meet people from parishes and organisations who work on the field in many different ways”. The reflection was opened this morning by a theological lecture on the meaning of “hospitality in a time of migration”, through an interreligious discussion among Christian, Muslim and Jewish leaders. They spoke of the “right of asylum” and the role of the Churches. The afternoon workshops brought together the participants to discuss social inclusion and acceptance practices, while tomorrow a speech will be given by the director of the National Migration Office, Mikael Ribbenvik, then the participants will keep on talking, focusing above all on the “motivational, psychosocial and cultural” support of new arrivals.

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