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Portugal: Pro-Life Federation, a campaign against euthanasia. “No to lethal injection, yes to care and support”

The Portuguese pro-life Federation launched a campaign called “Toda a vida tem dignidade”, every life has its dignity, to support the idea of “a society that cares for, that does not kill”. In particular, the organisers want to “collect all information on euthanasia: facts, figures, articles, scientific opinions” and post it on their website,, and on social networks. A great awareness-raising campaign about euthanasia: “We are against legalising” this practice, they explain, “because we believe in a society that does not leave sick and suffering people to the humiliation of a lethal injection, we prefer care and support, especially for the more vulnerable ones”. The debate is very hot now that the Bloco de Esquerda submitted a bill of law, which the Portuguese Parliament, the Assembleia da Republica, has not scheduled to vote on yet. The Portuguese Socialist Party and the green Pan Party too are working at bills of law, aiming to decriminalise euthanasia. These three parties stated they want to submit the bill of law for voting before the end of the voting session (July 2018).

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