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Road safety: 25 thousand casualties a year in the EU. A slight decrease in 2017. EU Commission, “striving to do better”

(Brussels) The number of road casualties is decreasing in Europe, but the level of safety can still be improved. The 2017 interim road safety statistics published today by the EU Commission actually state that ,“for the second year on end, the number of casualties has decreased by about 2%”. In 2017, 25,300 people lost their lives on the EU’s streets, 300 less than in 2016 (-2%) and 6,200 less than in 6 2010 (-20%). “Though this trend is encouraging, it will still be very tough – the EU Commission points out – to reach the EU’s goal, that is, half the number of road casualties from 2010 to 2020”. In addition, it has been estimated that last year another 135 thousand people were seriously injured, including a wide number of weak users: people walking, riding a bike or a motorbike. “Accidents with dead or seriously injured people do not only affect the victims themselves but also society as a whole, with a socio-economical cost that has been estimated at 120 billion euros a year”. To make European roads even safer, “all the parties shall strive to do better”. While the national and local authorities are responsible for taking most daily measures, such as enforcing rules and holding awareness-raising campaigns, the EU Commission “is working at a number of effective measures to make more substantial progress”.

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