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Poland: step by step, all supermarkets closing from Sunday March 11th

From March 11th, the law that prohibits trading on a Sunday will come into force in Poland. Enforced on March 1st, the new law will force large-scale retailers and supermarkets to close on Sundays, step by step, on 23 Sundays in 2018, 37 in 2019, and 45 in 2020. The local supermarket chains are trying to find tricks to sidestep such ban, for instance by opening lots of bakeries for potential buyers (bakeries do not have to close on Sundays) or even converting their retail areas into wholesale markets or showrooms, which are exempted from the law. Solidarnosc, the trade union, has also welcomed the closing of the shops on Sundays. The measure does not apply, however, to small family-run stores. The Polish Bishops Conference, which has supported the initiative right from the start, said it is very glad about that part of the law that makes shops close earlier, at 2 pm, on Holy Saturday and on Christmas Eve. According to such law, all shops can open however on Palm Sunday, as they are permitted to open on the Sunday before Easter and on the two Sundays before Christmas.

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