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EU Parliament: Strasbourg, multiannual budget and after-Brexit relationships with London, on the agenda of the plenary meting

(Strasbourg) Massacres in Syria, Brexit, US steel and aluminium tariffs, next EU multiannual budget, journalists’ security, and misuse of European funds in Slovakia: these are some of the items on the agenda of the forthcoming plenary meeting of the European Parliament, due in Strasbourg from Monday 12th to Thursday 15th March. As to the Multiannual Financial Framework, the EU “should promote research programmes and help young people and small businesses”, the MEPs state, in its negotiations on the multiannual budget, which will be discussed on Tuesday and voted on Wednesday. The Multiannual Financial Framework “should keep supporting agricultural and regional policies as well as funding new priorities, such as security, defence or migration policies”, the “preview” of the meeting states, and “make up for any loss that may result from the UK’s departure”. For the new budget to be enforced, it must be approved by Parliament: the MEPs warn that “no agreement on the Multiannual Financial Framework may be entered into unless proper progress has been made in one’s own resources as well”, which means new budget entries for the EU. In addition, at the plenary meeting, the EU will adopt its own position on the future relationships with the United Kingdom after Brexit.

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