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Pope Francis: to Migration Commission, dialogue with government leaders for a “global agreement” and “safe migration”

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“In order to set free those who today are oppressed, rejected and enslaved, it is essential to promote open and sincere dialogue with government leaders, a dialogue that takes into account people’s actual experiences, sufferings and aspirations, in order to remind everyone once more of his or her responsibilities”. This is the task assigned by the Pope to the members of the International Catholic Migration Commission (ICMC), who were received in audience in the Clementine Hall today. “The processes set in motion by the international community for a global agreement on refugees, and another for safe, orderly and regulated migration, represent a privileged forum for implementing such dialogue. Here too the Commission has been in the forefront, offering a valued and competent contribution to the development of much-needed new ways for the international community to respond with foresight to these phenomena typical our time”. “I am pleased that the many Episcopal Conferences represented here are moving in this direction, with a common intent that bears witness before the entire world to the Church’s pastoral concern for our migrant and refugee brothers and sisters”, the Pope said, but “the work is not over”. “Together we must encourage countries to coordinate more suitable and effective responses to the challenges posed by issues of migration; and we can do this on the basis of the essential principles of the Church’s social teaching. We must likewise commit ourselves to ensuring that, as a sign of shared global responsibility, concrete engagement follows from the words already codified in the aforementioned two agreements”.

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