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UK: the government reducing support for victims of human trafficking. Mgr. Lynch (Bishops Conference), “big disappointment”

“It’s a big disappointment that, despite the Prime Minister’s commitment to making progress in the protection of victims of modern slavery, the government chose to reduce support for survivors”. This was stated by bishop Patrick Lynch, president of the Migration Policy office of the Bishops Conference of England and Wales, as he learnt of the British Government’s decision to “cut by 40% the weekly subsidies for survivors”, from 65 to 37.75 pounds, as explained on the British Bishops’ website. “Looking after survivors should be at the centre of all the efforts made against human trafficking”, went on mgr. Lynch, “a key part of the acknowledgment and reinstatement of their God-given human dignity”. The post on the Bishops’ website explains that “such 40% cut put such subsidies on a par with the support provided to asylum seekers”. Victims of slavery are entitled to receive compensation for 45 days when they admit they have been victims of the trade.

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