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Poland: CBOS Institute, 25 million people going to confession for Easter. The value of fasting

Over 25 million Poles will approach the Sacrament of Penance in preparation for Easter, according to the press office of the Bishops’ Conference in Warsaw, which cites data from Poland’s Opinion Polling Institute CBOS, according to which the Easter confession will be attended by over 67% of the population. The Church in Poland “does all she can to ensure that no one is deprived of the opportunity to be reconciled with God”, the Bishops’ spokesman, Fr. Pawel Rytel Andrianik, said, stressing the scope of the programme “A Night at the Confessional”, under which churches will remain open for those who do not have time to visit them during the day. For Fr. Andrianik, greater participation in the initiative is expected on the night between Good Friday and Holy Saturday. According to the CBOS, Easter is “a religious event” for 44% of Poles, while the majority (67%) consider it a “feast to be celebrated in the family”. During the Lenten season, half of the population have given up some common leisure activities, such as watching TV, going dancing or to the cinema, listening to music. On Good Friday, 85% of Poles will abstain from foods made with meat. The observance of fasting on Good Friday is also common among non-practicing Catholics who “are fond of traditions” such as the blessing of foods in churches on Holy Saturday or the breaking of Easter eggs for the exchange of Easter greetings.

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