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Latvia: Riga, one Facebook account for all youth Catholic associations

On its portal, the Latvian Archdiocese of Riga re-launches some indications coming from the pre-synod on youth that was held in Rome, and a first concrete step: the creation of one Facebook account for all youth Catholic associations in Latvia. Katolis.jauniešiem is the profile where each entity can “present the events they are sponsoring to their friends and address issues related to young people in the Church”. Velta Skolmeistere, Latvia’s delegate to the pre-synod on young people, sums up the key elements that emerged from the discussions and the final document on the Latvian Church’s portal, emphasising what the text drawn up by young people in Rome says, that is, that “the virtual world is a place that the Church must take into account”, for “the Internet offers the Church an unprecedented evangelical opportunity” since “it is a good place to meet and engage with young people who identify themselves with other faiths or consider themselves atheists”. Young people are “digital citizens who can help the Church in this task”. Hence the idea, even for young Latvian people, to work in a more synergistic way on social media, to “create a common information channel for young people”. Other initiatives are being prepared to “enhance cooperation with young people within the Church”.

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