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Egypt Elections: Tawadros II, “a stable country is a guarantee of stability for the world”

(From our correspondent) “A stable Egypt is a guarantee of stability for the world”. Which is why the presidential elections in the country on 26-28 March are of crucial importance. Pope Tawadros II, Coptic Orthodox Patriarch, sees the vote as a path to peace and prosperity for the country. There is tension in Egypt. Two days before the presidential elections, a new attack has shaken the life of the country. In Alexandria, a car bomb exploded near the convoy that was carrying the local security chief. Security is being stepped up, and the army is everywhere. Along the busy streets of Cairo, the images of the current head of state, Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi, who has been in office since 8 June 2014, are everywhere. He is running for a second 4-year term, and has practically no rivals.
“Presidential elections are always a crucial opportunity for Egyptians to express their love for the homeland”, the Patriarch of the Coptic Orthodox, who account for 10% of the 93-million population, tells SIR news agency. In an interview to be published in the next few days, Pope Tawadros II also stresses the importance of “going to the polls”. And goes on to say: “The current President is very popular and people would very much like to re-elect him to give him the chance to complete two crucial battles for the history of modern Egypt. The first is the fight against terrorism and violence. And Egypt is fighting this war for the whole world. The second battle is for development and progress, and this is also a battle that Egypt is fighting for the entire world because a stable Egypt is a guarantee of stability for the world”.

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