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Ireland abortion referendum: mgr. Duffy (Ardagh and Clonmacnois), “pray that the country may choose life”


Two days after the vote held at the Dáil, the Lower House of the Irish Parliament, on March 21st, which approved having a referendum on abortion, Francis Duffy, bishop of Ardagh and Clonmacnois, took position too about the plan to remove from the Constitution the eighth amendment that acknowledges a baby’s right to life, thus actually prohibiting abortion. The vote at the Seanad, the Irish Senate, will be the last step to the referendum. The bishop reiterates the position of the Catholic church as well as that “of people of different faiths and people who consider the protection of life a matter of fundamental human rights”: “Human life is sacred and begins at the time of conception”. Abortion is never acceptable, not even if driven by compassion, because “it directly and deliberately takes life away”. Actually, “true compassion does not force one to choose, it supports life”. If medical care is required to “save the mother’s life”, which inevitably results in the baby’s death, “this is not abortion, because the goal of medical care was not to kill the baby”, explains the bishop, who says that facilities that support pregnant women are the alternative response to abortion. “Even a child conceived in rape is a human being”, so it is entitled to live, and the mother is entitled to receive “love, help and support”. “I ask you to pray that Ireland may choose life”, the bishop concludes.


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