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Brexit: Council of Europe approves the “guidelines”. Fulda (Nottingham Un.), “we are paying a very high price”


(London) “The news has lately arrived that British passports will be printed in Paris, because it is cheaper, and the United Kingdom will not regain control over fishing rights in their waters as promised just before the Brexit referendum. In other words, the opposite of what had been promised to the citizens who voted to leave the European Union is happening. The United Kingdom is losing access to the single market without any advantage and is accepting all the conditions laid down by Brussels, and the citizens have started to protest”. This is the comment made by professor Andreas Fulda, an expert in international from Nottingham University, on the latest developments of the process that will take the United Kingdom out of the EU, that is, the 27 EU member states, gathered in their European Council, approving this morning of the guidelines for the negotiations that will entitle Michel Barnier to go on with the negotiations. “Great Britain is paying a very high price to be able to control, at least partly, the immigration that comes to this country”, Fulda explains. “Banks and leading companies are leaving London’s City for Paris, Frankfurt and Dublin, and the Japanese government has already announced it will have problems making cars in the United Kingdom. Thousands of jobs will disappear. Suggesting, as Brexit supporters do, that India or China may make up for the lack of a single market, which accounts for 50% of British trade, is ridiculous”.


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