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Abuse: Zollner, first university course in safeguarding of minors, a “unicum” in the world

Here comes the first university course in Safeguarding of Minors. As from October, students will be able to attend it at the Pontifical Gregorian University that has decided to expand its academic offer by introducing a two-year Licentiate alongside the Diploma. This is a “unicum” in the educational world. The objective is to provide theoretical and practical training in the field of child protection, with a view to promoting a culture of prevention. “This is the first full-time two-year course with a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approach, so those who will attend it will have to learn to speak with each other and to work together with the scientific and professional worlds”, Father Hans Zollner, director of the Centre for Child Protection (CCP), explained as he presented the initiative during the graduation ceremony that was held today at the Jesuit-run Gregorian University. With the Licentiate, that also includes an internship, he added, “we want to make our contribution to a safer world for young people”. “For how it is structured, this advanced course does not exist in any other part of the world: it will be instrumental in training qualified professionals and promoting inculturation and creativity in the context of abuse prevention”, Fr. Zollner added, stressing that “the Licentiate is a big step, because it is the first academic degree of an ecclesiastical university that will be recognized by the faculties and will also be a requirement for access to the Doctorate”.

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