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Ireland: diocese of Dublin, 70 school choirs singing at the Emmanuel event. And the World Meeting of Families is being prepared

About 2,500 students from 70 secondary schools of the archdiocese of Dublin have lined up to sing until March 1st at Emmanuel, a song festival that has been held since 2006 and that brings together the teenagers’ passion for singing and their walk of faith. The event includes church music concerts at The Helix every night, while in the morning – since yesterday – these young people will be busy in “workshops about faith, inspired by the songs and music listened to the night before”, the liturgical office of the archdiocese, which organises the event, explains; then, the rehearsals for the night concert. The 2018 event has attracted the highest number of singers and has a special meaning, because the choirs “sing the songs that will be part of the final Mass at the World Meeting of Families, that will hopefully be celebrated by Pope Francis”, says the website of the archdiocese of Dublin. While Pope Francis’s visit at the World Meeting “has not been confirmed yet, the preparations, such as the selection of the music for the celebrations, are already under way”, the website explains. For the first time, people will be able to listen live to some of those songs at the Emmanuel concerts at The Helix. The choir of the Holy Family School for the Deaf will sing on Wednesday and Thursday night.

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