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France: delegation of Bishops to International Agricultural Show, your work is “unique and necessary” and should be “recognized”


As in 2016, a delegation of Bishops will visit the International Agricultural Show which will be held in Paris from 24 February to 4 March. “The Bishops wish to express their closeness, their attention and their support to farmers – a statement from the French Bishops’ Conference reads -, while also bearing witness to the passion with which they exercise their profession and the difficulties they face”, and the Permanent Council of Bishops has issued a statement today entitled “Your mission is unique and necessary”.
“We know that the agricultural crisis you are going through is still there; it is deep, complex and multifaceted. Many of you are suffering and are deeply concerned about their future”. These are challenges that go beyond the world of agriculture. “They concern us all and have an international dimension. They ask us what society we want for today and for tomorrow”. By their participation in the Agricultural Show in Paris, the French Bishops want to send a message of closeness to the agricultural world. “We cannot resign ourselves to an uncertain future for agriculture”, they wrote. “We believe it is vital that agricultural work is recognized by society as a whole. This recognition must include fair remuneration for your work, but unfortunately, this is not the case in many sectors. Your work produces the food that we all need to live. Agriculture must uphold its noble mission: to offer high quality food, as accessible as possible to all, and to contribute to the preservation of rural areas to which we are so connected”. The Bishops then, on behalf of farmers, called for greater attention to the protection of the environment: “The earth with its living soil is a key matter in your work; your daily bread depends on it. It is therefore vital to take care of this earth and to protect it”. And they concluded: “Throughout history, your work and your love for the land have been key in overcoming many obstacles. Faced with the extent of today’s challenges and in the light of Faith, we express our trust, our solidarity and our support to you. And we invite society as a whole to work to ensure greater recognition for your work and for your unique and necessary mission”.



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