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Faith and culture: European “Gabriel” Prize for Christian Comics 2018 to “Jesus in Comics” (Jésus en Bd). It speaks to children”

(Brussels) The European “Gabriel” Prize for Christian Comics 2018 went to “Jesus in Comics” (Jésus en Bd) published by the French publishing company Bayard Jeunesse and made by Bénédicte Jeancourt-Galignani (screenplay), Li-An (drawing) and Laurence Croix (colour). “The Jury appreciated this work because of its simplicity, the clarity of its storyline and its drawing made up of simple and soft lines, with sweets shapes”, the motivation for the award reads. This comic strip “speaks to children, while also challenging adolescents and adults to rediscover a story that they think they know well”. The screenplay is “appropriate for the character of Jesus, being based on a close reading of the Gospel and the Bible”, the fourteen members of the Jury explained. Indeed, it “faithfully communicates the Gospel to children, without making it childish”. For this reason, it is an “important pedagogical tool for catechists and religion teachers”. The award ceremony will take place on 23 February, in the context of the Brussels Book Fair. The promoter of the Prize is the Religious Centre for Information and Analysis of Comics (CRIABD) founded by Jesuit Francart Roland in 1985. The Centre is based in Brussels.

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