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EU Parliament: economic policy, common defence, tax regime and multiannual budget on the agenda

(Brussels) It’s a busy week for the European Parliament. A meeting is taking place at the Brussels HQ between the national MPs of all Europe and the MEPs, to discuss the economic future, the tax policy, the digitalisation and economic governance of the EU. Also today, the Environment and Public Healthcare Commission will vote on a draft resolution that calls the EU Council and the EU Commission to seal a global ban on the testing of cosmetics on animals. A tight schedule is expected on Wednesday: the Economic and Monetary Problems Commission will pass its opinion on a proposal designed to create a “single, clear and fair” European tax regime, called “common consolidated corporate tax base”, which “would include – according to a notice – digital companies as well”. One of the “distinctive features is making sure companies are taxed where they produce income in the attempt to repress the transfer of profits”. In addition, a focus on clean energy sources and the European defence programme (500 million in the two years 2019-20 for the industrial development of the business). Also on Wednesday, Mário Centeno, newly elected president of the Euro-Group, will be heard by the Economic Problems Commission for his first public hearing at the EU Parliament. On Thursday, the MEPs of the Budget Commission will submit proposals to reform the EU’s post-2020 long-term budget (Multiannual Financial Framework) and the European Union’s own funding system. The day after, the EU’s leaders will informally meet in Brussels to discuss the political priorities for the next MFF.


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