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Dagestan attack: mgr. Pezzi (archbishop of Moscow), “May God convert those who are plotting such crimes”

“Deep pain” for the death of the five people who were killed yesterday in the attack – claimed by Isis – on an Orthodox church in the Russian Republic of Dagestan, the day before Great Lent. It has been voiced by mgr. Paolo Pezzi, archbishop of Moscow, who, in a written statement sent to SIR this afternoon, writes: “It is with deep pain that I learnt of the news of the terrorist attack in the church of St George at Kizlyar, in which five people were killed. These people had gone to church to pray for peace and forgiveness and found their death at the hand of a man who was upset with hatred. This terrible tragedy reminds us, once again, of the fragility of human life when faced with the forces of evil and calls us all – especially those who have political and religious power – to join forces to prevent violence spreading in our society”.

The archbishop calls on all Catholics, the Christian brothers and the believers of other religions to “join me in prayer for the rest of the dead, for the healing of the wounded, and for the consolation of the suffering”. “In particular – he adds –, I ask you to pray the Almighty for the conversion and repentance of those who are plotting such crimes and that He may help those who are called and can stop them”.

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