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Luxembourg: World Day of the Sick, “religious services where the Last Rites can be administered”

“The World Day of the Sick wants to call us to look at all the people who are tried hard and affected by disease, who are sick and sad, to whom God’s special promise of love and closeness is addressed”: this is written in a notice from the news service of the archdiocese of Luxembourg, to tell that parish churches, old people’s homes and hospitals are celebrating “religious services where the Last Rites can be administered”, a sacrament that expresses the promise that God walks with us even on the roads of illness, weakness or disability”. So, several celebrations will be held in the run-up to the World Day of the Sick, starting on Wednesday February 7th in the church in Strassen, Luxembourg city. A Mass will be broadcast on radio from the retirement home in Berburg on February 11th. The notice invites those who would like to receive the Last Rites to stretch out their hands to the priest, so that he may anoint the palm and back of their hands, and, if there is someone assisting them, the notice points out, he or she should preferably “lay a hand on the shoulder of the sick person to clearly say: everyone is part of the community”.

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