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Germany: Bishops Conference, the website gets a makeover. News, theme pages and the “lexicon” of the Church


A new graphic layout and a new format for the website of the German Bishops Conference, from now on ( The website wants to be “clear” for those who are “close to the Church but also for the wide group of people who are far from the Church or are less familiar with religious issues”, a notice from Bonn explains. The new version would like to be attractive even “for a younger target” and to meet the needs of the increasing number of people who use their smartphones or tablets. The landing page immediately goes to the “theme pages” on the hottest issues about “Church, faith and society”, for instance: “Church and money”, “Episcopal Synod” or “Help to refugees”. Press releases and the bishops’ statements will also be posted on the landing page. Then, there are eight pages of news, a list of dioceses or parishes and the “lexicon” of the Church. The Bible and Catechism may also be browsed online. A new thing is “the impulse to pray”, a sentence or a quote selected every week by a member of the Bishops Conference. For the new website, Heinz Algermissen, bishop of Fulda, quotes St Boniface: “The Church is like a great ship being pounded by the waves of life’s different stresses. Our duty is not abandon ship, but to keep her on her course”. A reading option is available for people with impaired vision or reading.


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