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Croatia: Franciscan friars of Pazin convent, online spiritual exercises for Lent

Online spiritual exercises in Lent: this is an initiative of the Franciscan friars of the convent of Pazin, in Croatia, in the diocese of Porec and Pula. To take part in the exercises, one can go to the website,, before the eve of Ash Wednesday, February 13th, at 08.00 pm. The online spiritual exercises are under the heading “Back to the Lord”, and the Franciscans’ idea is to “aim at God’s Word”. During Lent, every day, subscribers will be sent the first reading from the Mass of the day, along with an explanatory note and a short comment prepared by the Franciscans. The purpose is to encourage people to spend some time with God’s Word. Before they go to sleep, instead, they are recommended to read the Gospel of the day, “without reflections but as a wish to meet God’s Word before the end of the day”. “It is a bit like going back to the Lord”, the friars of the Franciscan convent of Pazin explain.

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