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++ Ukraine: Greek Catholic Bishops on Russian aggression, “hearts of criminals and aggressors possessed by evil forces” ++

The Russian aggression shows that “the threat to our independence and territorial integrity” is not over; on the contrary, it has intensified, and our soldiers need our people to show them “support” with their “solidarity, prayer and fasting”, the Bishops of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church said. “At this difficult time for our people, we continue to ask the Lord to give us victory over the threats of foreign aggression, and peace for our land”. For this reason, the Synod of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church asked in a letter to “faithfully observe or, if necessary, return to the crucial practice of daily prayer and strict fasting for the peace and liberation of our country from Russian aggression”. Indeed, “prayer, fasting, and charity are our spiritual checkpoint, and if we faithfully observe it, we draw closer to the time of our long-awaited peace and liberation. The Bishops also urged Ukrainian political leaders “not to speculate on the difficult stage of our state-building, abusing the people’s misery for the sake of short-sighted political benefits”, but to “join forces to protect and strengthen our independence”; they finally called on the international community to “make effective efforts to obtain the release of all our hostages”, including those from the Navy. “Despite these open acts of aggression against our country and its people, it should be remembered that these acts have spiritual roots – the hearts of criminals and aggressors are possessed by evil forces”, the Synod of the Greek Catholic Bishops concluded.

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