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Council of Europe: report on European prisons to be published tomorrow

(Strasbourg) The European Commission for the Efficiency of Justice (CEPEJ) is working today and tomorrow in Strasbourg on the adoption of a Charter “setting out the framework for the use of artificial intelligence in judicial systems” and of a Guide “on the communication of courts with the public and the media”. The Commission is also due to update the “guidelines for the management of judicial time and its study on judicial delays” based on the case law of the European Court for Human Rights. Tomorrow, the Council of Europe will publish two reports on issues relating to prisons: one about the trends in European prisons from 2005 to 2015; and the other about the trends concerning foreign offenders in prison and under probation from 2009 to 2015. The agenda for this week also includes the latest quarterly meeting of the Committee of Ministers to oversee the implementation of some 35 judgements from the Court. The anti-corruption body (GRECO) will hold a plenary meeting to discuss some reports addressing the issue of “corruption prevention in central governments”. And at the European Youth Centre in Strasbourg, 60 young people from 18 countries will attend a seminar on “developing synergies between different sectors supporting the inclusion, human rights and participation of young refugees and migrants” (4-5 December).

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