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Brexit: deadlock in London, PM May on the brink. Headlines in the papers. The Sun: “UK needs new PM”

(London) That crucial vote in the House of Commons in Westminster on the deal that Theresa May negotiated with Brussels, scheduled for Tuesday, 11 December, may never take place. And a serious institutional crisis may break out well before that date. The UK tabloid The Sun – a million readers – presents Theresa May dressed up like The Grinch – the Christmas-stealing villain – under the title “UK needs new PM”. The newspaper suggests the Government may decide to pull the vote on Friday and send Theresa May back to Brussels to seek concessions that would win over a majority in Westminster. A darker picture is painted by The BBC and by the moderate-left daily The Guardian, whose headline reads: “Theresa May in battle over legal advice” on Brexit. If Attorney General Geoffrey Cox is unable to persuade Westminster that sufficient legal advice on the UK’s withdrawal form the EU has been provided to MPs, the Labour Party may start contempt proceedings against the Government for withholding crucial information. Conservative MPs may then be suspended or even expelled from the Commons. And a political crisis may ensue, which the Independent’s headline sums up as: “Parliament versus Downing Street”. In short, the Brexit crisis opens new scenarios every day.

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