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Eurobarometer: “trust in the EU stable”. Brits discover they are more pro-European

(Brussels) “43% of Europeans have a positive image of the EU (+3 percentage points compared to spring 2018) – the highest level since autumn 2009”. This is according to Eurobarometer, which has released today the figures of a survey carried out in November. Over a third of respondents have a neutral image of the EU (36%, -1 compared to spring 2018), while a fifth have a negative image (20%, -1) and 1% do not have an opinion. Since the last Standard Eurobarometer survey in spring 2018, “the proportion of respondents with a positive image of the EU has increased in 17 EU Member States, most sharply in Sweden (53%, +11), Spain (43%, +10), and the United Kingdom (43%, +9). Moreover, for the first time since the question has been asked, a majority of Europeans agree that their voice counts in the EU (49%, +4 percentage points since spring 2018), while 47% disagree (-2 since spring 2018), and 4% (-2) are unable to answer. “In 16 EU Member States, a majority of respondents agree that their voice counts in the European Union, with the highest scores in Denmark (73%), Sweden (71%) and Germany (70%)”. Trust in the EU is stable at 42% and remains at its highest level since autumn 2010. Trust prevails in 17 EU Member States (15 in spring 2018), with the highest numbers in Lithuania (65%), Denmark (60%), and Sweden (59%).

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