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Strasbourg attack: Mgr. Ravel (bishop), “the aim is to kill people at symbolic places”

“The purpose of a terrorist attack is not so much to kill many people, but to kill people at symbolic places. We saw it during terrorist attacks over the past few years, in Europe and France”, the Archbishop of Strasbourg, Mgr. Luc Ravel, told SIR news agency. “People are responding well. There are people on the streets. Schools remained open to receive children. You see people in bars, bistros. But as happened in Paris in 2015, it will take time for life to get back to normal”. Today, a “great moment of prayer” will be held at the cathedral with all the representatives of the Christian Churches of Alsace, religious authorities – from the Muslim, Buddhist and Jewish worlds -, and political leaders: “We will pray first of all for those who were killed or injured, and their families. There are people who are still in hospital with very serious injuries and, unfortunately, the death toll may rise again. The attendees will pray for peace and for all security forces, the police, and gendarmerie officers, who have done a remarkable job”.

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