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Human rights: Mogherini (EU), “Universal Declaration is the cornerstone of human rights law. But we cannot take it for granted”

(Brussels) “On this day, 70 years ago, the Member States of the United Nations came together to adopt the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This step brought the world together after the greatest tragedy in human history. We have come a long way since then”. The High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Federica Mogherini, said this to mark today’s Human Rights Day. “The Universal Declaration has proven to be the cornerstone of international human rights law on which many countries have built a strong and resilient human rights architecture. Today, the number of people living in good human rights conditions is higher than ever in the history of mankind. The Universal Declaration’s 70th anniversary is an opportune moment to look closer at how human rights have had an overall impact on our societies”. This year, the European Union has launched the “Good Human Rights Stories” initiative to show to the “world that promoting and respecting human rights allow our societies to grow stronger and more resilient”. According to Mogherini “while reflecting on these stories can be a source of hope and optimism, we cannot take human rights for granted. We know the struggles that are still taking place across the world: the human rights violations, the undermining of democracy and the shrinking space for civil society. Ever since the adoption of the Universal Declaration, civil society and human rights defenders have contributed to the promotion and protection of human rights through peaceful dialogue and building pluralistic democracies”.

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