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Migration: Card. Bassetti, “those who fear have no future, need for international action”

“We cannot allow our dear Europe to be battered by a grey wind of fear, resentment and xenophobia”. Card. Gualtiero Bassetti, Archbishop of Perugia-Città della Pieve and President of the Italian Bishops’ Conference (CEI), called on everyone “not to be afraid, because those who fear have no future”. Speaking at the conference “Our Europe”, organized by ACLI, Catholic Action, the Community of Sant’Egidio, CISL, Confcooperative, FUCI, and the Luigi Sturzo Institute,the President of the CEI reiterated that a “coordinated, international action” is needed to manage migration. “If individual, national interests prevail, there is no future for Europe. Indeed, the building of walls is, on the one hand, the sad decision of those who cannot give an answer and prefer closing their eyes; and on the other, it is also a tragic warning of what may happen in the future”, Card. Bassetti stated. He then highlighted the urgent need to “combine charity and responsibility”, and to “show prudence without running the risk of fuelling fears or, even worse, of doing nothing to prevent a ‘war between the poor’ in the outskirts of our cities”. There is a need for “ideas and projects, there is a need for that great politics with a capital ‘p’ which was referred to by Mr La Pira”, the president of the CEI added. “We need – he stressed – a united, peaceful and solidarity-based Europe, one that does not speculate on social conflicts or political divisions, one in which there is no room for a culture of fear and xenophobia, one that knows how to build, with a pure soul, a culture of solidarity for a new era of human development”.

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