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Europe: Catholic Associations, “more unity” is needed

“Today more than ever, to exist and to resist in a big, complex world, we need a united Europe. Without unity, the peoples of Europe risk being written out of history and becoming insignificant”. This is according to the Catholic Associations who launched an appeal “to all our fellow citizens” in the Italian daily “Avvenire”. “Let us not deceive ourselves: our local world cannot last long without Europe. Navigating alone and divided throughout global history is a dangerous illusion”, they wrote, stressing that “without true European unity, there will be no European countries in the world”.
In the face of “a dangerous trend towards localism, fragmentation, and withdrawal within national borders”, we must show “more unity”, “new impetus to engage all Italians of good will in a great collective effort”. The European Union, they stressed, “must cease to be only a system of alliances or a coalition of interests, to become a community of destiny. The starting point should be the pursuit of unifying goals such as growth, work, the centrality of the person, the protection of the family, solidarity, and the fight against poverty to reduce social inequalities”.
“Europe can give answers to Africa, a continent that has been left to fend for itself and is in search of sincere partners; it can defend democracy where it is threatened; it can counter terrorism, extremism, and fundamentalism: today in Rome – the Catholic Associations concluded -, all together, we want to give voice to this urgent need”.

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