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Primo Mazzolari: Card. Parolin to UNESCO, for the priest from Cremona, peace stems from the “commitment to living history with love”

Don Primo Mazzolari, secondo da destra, cappellano militare in alta valle dell'Isonzo nel 1919

“Fr. Primo Mazzolari was a true peacemaker. His teachings remind us that peace is a good we should ask for all people, even for those who do not deserve it; it is the fruit of the commitment of all men and women of good will”; “it cannot be imposed but offered”. Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin stressed the significance of this figure as he opened the international congress
on “the message and action of peace of Fr. Primo Mazzolari” at UNESCO in Paris. Card. Parolin recalled that Pope Francis himself visited his tomb in Bozzolo, on 20 June 2017, “to commemorate this extraordinary priest and prophet”. Referring to his writings, Card. Parolin said they are “a mine from which researchers, scholars and men of good will can draw”. The cardinal drew “three lessons” from the life of Fr. Primo: “Peace is the fruit of dialogue among people”, when “hearts and arsenals are disarmed”. The second lesson is: “peace arises from education, an education that is not and should never be seen as merely utilitarian”, but as “transmission of wisdom”, as “learning the meaning of life”. And the third lesson: “peace stems from the commitment of all people to living history with love” with “concrete, personal commitment”. Like Fr. Mazzolari, “we believe”, the cardinal concluded, that man should always strive for peace – at all times and for all people”.

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