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Economy: EU, value of agricultural output increases. France is the largest producer, followed by Germany and Italy

(Brussels) France retains its first place as the largest agricultural producer in the EU, followed far behind by Germany, Italy, and Spain. This is according to the latest economic figures about output in the primary sector (agriculture and livestock) released by Eurostat today. In 2017, the total agricultural output in the EU stood at €432.6 billion, up by 6.2% compared with the previous year (a rise due to an increase in prices in some sectors). Hence, France ranks first with €72.6 billion, followed by Germany (56.2), Italy (55.1), Spain (50.6), the UK (31.8), the Netherlands (28.9), Poland (24.9), and Romania (€17.5 billion). In 2017, the value of agricultural output increased in almost all EU Member States, especially in Estonia, Ireland and Romania. Milk and eggs are among the most profitable productions.

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