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Pedro Arrupe: beatification process has begun. Fr. Sosa (Jesuits), “his fame of holiness is recognized in different sectors of the Church”

“During the last few months, as I have informed people about this intention during my travels to many places, I have been able to see for myself how alive the memory and legacy of Fr. Arrupe are. Eloquent and even moving postulatory letters received from all over the world confirm that his fame of holiness is recognized in different sectors of the Church. This fame of holiness is spontaneous, continuous and enduring. Father Arturo Sosa Abascal, Superior General of the Society of Jesus, wrote this in a letter to the Jesuits, informing them that “the process for the beatification of Fr. Pedro Arrupe, the 28th Superior General of the Society of Jesus, has officially begun”. The cause has been set in motion in the Vicariate of Rome, the place of his death.
“Everywhere – Fr. Sosa underlined – Jesuits and non-Jesuits alike have witnessed to Fr. Arrupe’s exceptional qualities: his desire to fulfil in everything the will of God the Father, his rootedness in Jesus Christ, his trust in the Holy Spirit as the guide of the Church, his unfailing loyalty to the Holy Father, the ‘Vicar of Christ on earth’, his missionary zeal and fidelity to our way of proceeding, his sensitivity to dramatic social situations, and his love for and closeness to the poor”. “Father Pedro Arrupe – the superior general said – showed himself to be an extraordinary, passionate ‘man of God and man of the Church’”.

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