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Council of Europe: Strasbourg, Parliamentary Assembly. Islam and radicalisation, migration, nuclear security on the agenda

The autumn session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (8-12 October) is opening in Strasbourg today with a tight agenda that includes today’s debate on the “strengthening of the decision-making process on powers and voting”. Items on the agenda include a debate on foreign funding of Islam in Europe and the radicalisation of migrants and exile communities; the treatment of Palestinian children in the Israeli legal system, gender differences in migration, family reunions in the member states, gender equality in private life regardless of sexual preference, and nuclear security in Europe. Lastly, a debate will be held about the “role of national MPs in the success of decentralisation processes”. In addition, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Tunisia will give a speech. The weekly calendar of the Council of Europe includes the “opening of signatures” for a memorandum of amendment for the Data Privacy Convention (Convention 108), on October 10th, in connection with “threats to privacy from the use of new information and communication technology” to “strengthen the mechanism of the Convention and have it actually enforced”.

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