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Albanian Bishops: Assembly in Tirana. New website and Radio Maria, debate on communication

This time, too, the members of the Albanian Bishops’ Conference (KISH) could benefit from the contributions of some guests during their Assembly. “Among them, we would like to recall, first of all, the director of Radio Maria Albania, Fr. Prek Lazri, with whom the pastors discussed the achievements of the radio, recognising it as an essential and extremely useful evangelising tool, and considering the possibility of enhancing it with the addition of new programs aimed at people of different ages and social backgrounds”. Mgr. Meta, President of the Commission for Culture and Social communications, informed those present of the new website of the Conference: The website includes a dedicated space for each diocese to present its activities. Another guest who contributed to the Assembly was Fr. Vlash Palaj, parish priest of the cathedral and rector of the Shrine of “Our Lady of Good Counsel” in Scutari, a shrine that is run directly by the KISH. “He took the opportunity to talk about the significance of and the great religious, spiritual and historical role the Shrine plays in the life of the faithful. He also reported on the current structural degradation of the building of the Shrine. The bishops, for their part, “took notice of the situation, entrusting it to a dedicated working group”. An update followed on the statute of the Bishops’ Conference concerning the duration of the appointment of parish priests and the possibility that the KISH secretary general is not necessarily a bishop. Discussion then touched on the “Flying Mission” (a method used by the Jesuits in the mountainous areas of northern Albania, 1880-1932), on the commissions of the Bishops’ Conference, and on migration.

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