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Croatia: “Holywin – holiness wins”, celebrations throughout the country on All Saints’ Eve

“Holywin – holiness wins” – this is the title of the event organised this year too on All Saints’ Eve by the Youth Ministry Office of the Croatian Bishops’ Conference. The aim is to remind young people of the meaning of this Solemnity, of Christian holiness as well as of the importance of praying for the dead with a view to turning them away from the current celebration of “Halloween” – the pun in the title “Holywin” refers precisely to this. 18 cities all over the country are taking part in this year’s event, including Zagreb, Split, Rijeka, and Sisak. The capital will host a theatre play on the life of Padre Pio while some districts in Zagreb will run an educational and recreational programme with entertainers. “Croatia today needs new saints, we are all called to holiness, especially you, young people”, the invitation letter from the Youth Ministry Office of the Diocese of Varazdin reads. Thus young people are invited to “persevere in the faith, and be patient, humble, witnesses of Jesus Christ”. The All Saints Vigil in Rijeka will end with a fraternal agape while the celebration in Split will start at 9pm with several songs. A movie about Maria Goretti will be projected in the village of Kistanje while on the island of Krk the programme is inspired by Pope Francis’ words: “We need saints with jeans and tennis shoes”.

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