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Moscow: Mgr. Pezzi, a year of reflection and discussion to rethink parishes. Pastoral Congress in June 2019

The Archdiocese of Moscow has launched a year of reflection and discussion for a “radical rethinking” of parishes and local communities. “I believe the time has come for us to renew our parishes and communities, rooting them in the spirit of openness, acceptance of people, and evangelisation. For this reason, we need to have fruitful dialogue at different levels on this topic”, Archbishop Paolo Pezzi wrote in a message to his diocese. To get us started, a working document and a detailed questionnaire have been prepared to help reflection on “what the parish is, the context in which it is inserted, and what are its strengths and weaknesses”. The bishop called on “all parish members” to exchange views (after mass, in prayer groups, during catechism, or in pastoral councils), but also to reflect individually so as to have a chance to “gain a deeper insight into what it means to be part of the local Church within a particular parish community”. Parish priests will then collect the completed questionnaires. The results will be presented and discussed at the Diocesan Pastoral Congress in June 2019, which will give indications for the life of the archdiocese and its parishes over the coming years.

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