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European Council: Tajani, unlock asylum reform and Dublin to avoid presents to populists and Eurosceptics

(Brussels) “Stalemate in the asylum reform and in the revision of the Dublin Regulation is a present to populists and Eurosceptics. We should not depend on consensus at all costs; majority voting is necessary, as Treaties say”: President of the European Parliament Antonio Tajani said that during his speech at the European Council, where he insisted on the need to break the deadlock affecting the reform of the asylum system as well as the introduction of a mechanism for distributing asylum-seekers to all the countries of the European Union. “Opposition of the countries not wishing to welcome asylum-seekers has to be overcome by offering them alternatives. It is possible to force them to help the States welcoming refugees financially, by depositing remarkable resources into the fund for investments in Africa, with the aim of slowing down migration flows. By giving opportunities to Africans in their lands, we can face the demographic challenge of the African Continent, whose inhabitants will be 2.5 billion by 2050”, added Tajani. Tajani also tackled the subject of struggle against misinformation and fake news, in particular, with a view to the next European elections. “We need immediate action to protect European elections from hackers or interferences”.

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