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Migrants: Card. Kasper, “xenophobia spreading throughout Europe today is in clear contradiction with Christian conception of man”

(from our correspondent in Bologna) – “The xenophobia that spreads throughout Europe today is in clear contradiction with the Bible and the Christian conception of man according to which every person has their value and must be accepted in a humane manner”. Cardinal Walter Kasper said this regarding the ever more difficult management of migrants in Europe and the recent migrant row between Italy and France. The cardinal made the remarks in an interview with SIR news agency in the margins of the meeting “Bridges of Peace” in Bologna, Italy. “Migration – he said – is a sign of the times and no one today can stop this phenomenon”. “We certainly have to regulate it, but Europe should be hospitable to human beings who have been through dreadful experiences. No one leaves their home and homeland unless they need to. It is a challenge today”. And he added: “Politics today is extremely selfish: America first, Italy first, Germany first… and so on. We must overcome this selfishness with a new solidarity among European countries, because these nationalisms we see today are a great threat. I grew up at a time marked by unbridled nationalism. I was a child during the Third Reich. All these challenges are interconnected today and generate fears, and fears are always bad counsellors”.

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