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EU Parliament: borders, security and migration on the agenda. Bill Gates and the Youth Media Days in Brussels with 120 young journalists

(Brussels) Today, the European Parliament Committee on Civil Liberties will be voting on two bills of law, aiming to “make the exchange of information and the sharing of data between the EU information systems more effective and efficient”; the intention is to strengthen the protection of external borders, improve the migration management mechanisms, and strengthen domestic security, “while retaining the same level of protection of fundamental rights”. From tomorrow to Thursday, 120 young journalists aged 18 to 30 will meet in Brussels for the Youth Media Days. The young journalists will attend a number of workshops on media and will discuss with politicians, professional journalists and experts about how to inform young voters about the next European election due in May. On Wednesday, the development commission and the European Think Tanks group (bringing together five Think Thanks groups) will hold a public debate on the future of development and innovation in Europe. The head of the EU foreign policy, Federica Mogherini, and Bill Gates, co-president of the Bill and Melissa Gates Foundation, will join one workgroup. The political groups will get ready, instead, for the plenary session of 22-25 October in Strasbourg, where they will vote on the EU 2019 budget, the proposed ban on disposable polluting plastics, measures on the quality of drinking water, and the recommendations from the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica case.

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