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Migration: Comece, “a fundamental right of all human beings”

“Living in dignity in one’s native country without having to move out is a fundamental right of all human beings”. This is one of the key points of the reflection that is being carried out by the Commission of EU Bishops Conferences (Comece) about migration, which it relays in a notice on the website. Mainly, the defence of religious freedom and European cooperation for development are now the two ways to go, in order to face the deep roots of migration. A cooperation that “should not be built on ideological approaches or exploit populations and countries, but should benefit people in all respects, including spiritual and moral wellbeing”. At the same time, though, Comece goes on, everyone is entitled “to leave any country, including their own”, as acknowledged by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. In the many meetings it has attended over these few weeks, Comece is acting as a mouthpiece for such appeals, which are mainly born of its monitoring and reflecting on the state of migration, within Comece’s workgroup for migration and asylum that meets at regular intervals (next time on November 22nd). The points that Comece highlights about this multifaceted issue include “the principle that security should aim at protecting people, families and communities, including migrants and refugees”.

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