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European Parliament: resolution on Western Balkans adopted. Yes to “exchange of territories between Kosovo and Serbia” but only “if both countries agree”

The European Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee adopted a resolution yesterday concerning the progress made by the five Western Balkan countries on their path towards EU accession. The document highlights three key points: visa liberalisation for Kosovo; the agreement between Macedonia and Greece on the name of the Skopje Republic; and Serbia’s relations with Russia. In the part dedicated to Belgrade, MEPs, taking note of the “recent debate on possible exchanges of territories between Serbia and Kosovo”, stressed that “ethnically homogenous states should not be the objective in the region”. “Any future agreement” will be accepted by EU institutions only if it is “mutually agreed between Serbia and Kosovo” and if it “takes into account the overall stability in the region and international law”. In addition, Serbia is invited to be more aligned with the EU’s foreign and security policy, including on Russia, and within the United Nations. As regards Macedonia, MEPs took note of “the uncertain outcome of the referendum” to “change the country’s name” and encouraged “the government in Skopje” to honour the Prespa agreement with Greece, which “opens the door to EU and NATO accession negotiations”.

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