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EU Parliament: Bono Vox meets President Tajani, “I am a fan of Europe and Africa”

(Foto: Parlamento europeo)

“I am here because I am a fan of Europe and Africa and because, as an artist, I think I have a role to play in romancing the idea of being a European. Europe is a thought that needs to become a feeling and I am, as an artist, in the service of that”. Singer Bono Vox said this at a press conference with the president of the European Parliament Antonio Tajani today. “I realise this is my home. I am European, as well as Irish”. “The idea of enlarged patriotism is an exciting one” and “I’m really excited about the rise of internationalism”. It was Bono’s African activism that took him to Brussels: “People are nervous about unmanaged migration from the South, and I understand that. But I’m so excited about what’s happening in our next door neighbour continent”: extraordinary opportunities, almost two billion people, ever more young and dynamic, whilst we are ageing and turning grey. “It’s not for Africa, it’s with Africa”. “America is on its holidays from big ideas. We should sit across the table with our African partners, as equals, and take over the world”. “A European strategy for Africa is what we need”, echoed Tajani, thanking Bono for his engagement. There is a need for “more money to invest in a good strategy for change, sustainability, climate, peace, and growth, to fight poverty and terrorism”. “Ours is not the Chinese model” for “a new colonization of Africa: we want growth”.

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