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US Bishops: National Migration Week just started. The theme: “Many journeys, one family”

(From New York) “Many journeys, one family” is the theme chosen by the US Bishops Conference to celebrate the National Migration Week, which started on January 7th and will end on 13th. For nearly 50 years, this event has provided an opportunity to raise the awareness of the Christian communities about the contribution made by migrants, refugees and victims of human trafficking. The Week also calls the parishes, groups and movements to meet immigrants and refugees to share “the journey with our brothers and sisters forced to leave their homes”, as explained by monsignor Joe Vásquez, president of the Migration Commission of the Bishops Conference, who also suggested that the Biblical lessons about the reception of new arrivals should be better understood. In his message to all the dioceses, the president of the US Bishops, cardinal Daniel DiNardo, asked to look gratefully at the gift of migrants and pointed out that the Week is also a moment for reflecting “about our background as a migrant Church and nation, and that’s why it is important to also look at the backgrounds of our families, who all come from immigrants”. The cardinal went on by saying that “the migrant’s face can be different and can change over time – European, Asian, South American or from anywhere else – but these faces keep revealing the wish to lavish blessings on the American dream”. DiNardo ended by quoting what Pope Francis said on Peace Day, pointing out that migrants and refugees “never come empty-handed, they take their courage, their skills, their energy, their aspirations and the treasures of their cultures; and that’s why they enrich the life of the nations that take them up”.

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