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Gunfire in Texas and Kentucky: Card. DiNardo, “Unthinkable actions to become increasingly rare, we hope”

(New York) “We hope that these unthinkable actions will become increasingly rare. They changed the lives of the most precious members of our community: school-aged children”. President of the US Bishops’ Conference Cardinal Daniel DiNardo was shocked by the news of the two shootings, one in Texas last Monday, and the other at the Marshall County High School of Benton, Kentucky, on Tuesday, 23 January: both of them were caused by teenagers taking up weapons to kill their mates. The Kentucky shooting caused two victims and about 18 people wounded, five of which very seriously. A girl was killed in Texas, by one of her school-mates again. At present, the reasons for the killings are still unknown; identities of alleged killers not to be disclosed until facts are ascertained. Cardinal DiNardo asked everyone to pray for the victims, their families, teachers and friends. “We also sympathise with all the boys and girls who will have to recover from serious wounds, now, and we pray for them to find lovely communities, ready to welcome them. This pain is our pain”, added DiNardo, hoping for a world where “love will be much more present”. In the meantime, from the beginning of the year, over 3,000 incidents due to improper use of firearms (901 victims, 14 mass murderers) according to the archives of Gun Violence, in the United States only.

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