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Denmark: Copenhagen, “ecumenical walk” in the streets of the capital tomorrow

Like every year since 1955, Churches in Denmark are making an “ecumenical walk” through the centre of Copenhagen at the end of the Week of Prayer for Christian unity. Therefore, tomorrow, Thursday, 25 January, the appointment is at 06:30 p.m. in the Lutheran Church of Saint Paul, in the central district of the capital, Nyboder. Participants will be divided in four groups, following slightly different routes and then meeting in the Church of St. Gustaf, with the final celebration and the sermon of Martin Lind, bishop emeritus of the Lutheran diocese of Linköping. “Pilgrims” will go to the Methodist Church, to the Orthodox Church (Alexander Nevsky), and the Catholic Cathedral of St. Ansgar. “Since the number of participants has been increasing over the years, and it was not possible for the churches to welcome them all, since 2016 this different strategy has been followed”: pilgrims (ranging from 600 to 900, depending on the weather in Copenhagen) are divided, say the organisers. A committee made up of the priests of participating churches is taking care of liturgical organisation. Coordination is up to the Fellowship of Saint Alban and Saint Sergius, established in England in 1928 to uphold dialogue of the Anglican Church and the Orthodox Church; the Fellowship has been present in Denmark since 1948.

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