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Croatia: Zagreb, pastoral theological congress on intra-ecclesial dialogue. Card. Bozanic, “there is no alternative in the Church”

The 58th pastoral theological congress on “intra-ecclesial dialogue, cooperation and co-responsibility” is underway – since yesterday – at the Interdiocesan Seminary in Zagreb. Organised by the Catholic Faculty of Theology of the University of Zagreb, the event, which will continue until 25 January, brings together hundreds of priests, men and women religious and laypersons from Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. In addition to the Cardinal of Zagreb, Josip Bozanic, the opening ceremony was attended by the Archbishop of Sarajevo, Vinko Puljic; the president of the Croatian Bishops, Mgr. Zelimir Puljic; representatives of other Christian Churches and religious denominations; the vice-rector of the University of Zagreb, Ivana Bagic; the president of the Croatian Academy of Sciences, Kusic Zvonko; and by the mayor of Zagreb, Milan Bandic. “Dialogue is the only means of communication in the Church community and there is no other alternative”, Cardinal Bozanic said in his speech. “It should be patiently promoted at all levels, in parishes and dioceses, and in inter-diocesan cooperation at the national level”. The Archbishop of Zagreb also mentioned the Second Diocesan Synod which started in the Archdiocese of the Croatian capital in 2016 and will end on 10 February. “Thanks to the Synod, we realised the need for effective communication within the community to know the Church in its beauty, but also to reform with courage some of its institutions that today seem backward”.

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