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Austria: 100th anniversary of Caniuswerk, 4 thousand priests assisted in a century

The celebrations for the 100th anniversary of the Austrian Centre for Vocational Pastoral Care Canisiuswerk, one of the purposes of which is economic and social assistance to seminarians, will start on January 31st. Canisiuswerk will be holding an Open Day in its premises in Stephanplatz, Vienna, opposite St Stephen’s Cathedral. The bishop of Graz, mgr. Wilhelm Krautwaschl, the organiser, will be there and will end the day with a Mass, co-officiated by the military bishop, mgr. Werner Freistetter, and the abbot of Kremsmจนnster Abbey, dom Ambros Ebhart. The celebratory day will start with breakfast with the press about the future of priestly education and the vocational ministry in Austria. During the event and until Mass at 6.00 pm, there will be several meetings with the people in charge of spiritual assistance to seminarians and with the staff of the diocesan vocational services and religious orders, to investigate the issue of vocational promotion. Canisiuswerk was funded on the ruins of the First World War, on January 31st 1918. Its original purpose was chosen by the founder, the then director of the public school of Vienna-Kaisermจนhlen, Josef Moser: supporting Catholic students as they get ready to start a profession and promoting the spiritual and material progress of Catholic diocesan education for priests and men of religion. Over 4 thousand priests have received spiritual and financial support over these 100 years, and currently about 90 seminarians are supported with scholarships or educational schemes.

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